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2 1/4" Steel System - Components and Parts


Description: A straight section of steel CHASE® conduit. Available in 12-1/2' lengths.

Application: Used to route CO2 lines between a bulk source and beverage system components.

90-Degree Bend

Description: A 90-degree radius bend section. CHASE diameters are available in 30" radius.

Galvanized Steel Coupling

Description: Steel, bolted coupling.

Application: Used to join two pieces of 2-1/4” galvanized steel CHASE straights and bends.

Pull Box

Description: Powder coated, all welded, leak-proof steel box with two nipples, gasketed lid and safety chains. Available in 2-1/4" diameters.

Application: Used as the “pull and splice” location in a beverage CHASE system. Use is directly related to length and number of bends in the system.

Junction Box

Description: Powder coated, all welded, leak-proof steel box with three nipples, gasketed lid and safety chains.

Application: Junction boxes are used as a pullbox and junction point for multiple line runs in a CO2 system.

Catalog and Installation Guide

Description: To order a component or part, or for help with installation or specifications, contact us or download our product catalog and installation guide.

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Colombo Beverage Chase Systems is an innovative supplier of Beverage CHASE® conduit systems. Our CHASE systems are designed to enclose distribution lines carrying food product such as beer, soda/juice, liquor, water, wine, other food product and frozen drinks, as well as coolant & CO2 for remote distribution systems.
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