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The Colombo Advantage

Placeholder imageColombo has a long history and proven track record designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing delivery systems. Colombo began installing pneumatic tube systems throughout the Midwest in 1970. Early on, the leadership team identified a need for custom solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. In 1982, Colombo began applying its knowledge and experience in the pneumatic tube industry to designing, engineering and manufacturing its own line of specialized systems and products for specific market applications.

In 1998, while installing pneumatic tube systems for Motor City Casino, Colombo was asked to install pneumatic tube-style piping to be used for their beverage delivery system, or what is now known in the industry as a “beverage CHASE®” system. A beverage CHASE system is the conduit used to enclose and distribute the beverage lines throughout a facility where beverages are served. The relationships established and the knowledge gained during this project opened doors to an entirely new industry.

The following year, Colombo developed a full product line for the beverage industry and subsequently applied and received patents on two of its new products. Colombo continues to expand manufacturing of the most complete beverage CHASE product line.

Why Choose Colombo Beverage Chase Systems

  • 40-year history with over 10 years in beverage CHASE systems
  • Offers the most complete product line for any situation, the only total product line available in the industry
  • Full line of services, including design, engineering, manufacturing and installation
  • Consulting services and custom design of specialty systems
  • The only patented leak-proof structural CHASE system in the industry
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings on all support components
  • Material warehousing, allowing for immediate shipping
  • Available installation tool set, which allows for a reduction in the labor force and results in faster installation times
  • 24/7 phone support
About Colombo
Colombo Beverage Chase Systems is an innovative supplier of Beverage CHASE® conduit systems. Our CHASE systems are designed to enclose distribution lines carrying food product such as beer, soda/juice, liquor, water, wine, other food product and frozen drinks, as well as coolant & CO2 for remote distribution systems.
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