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Case Study: Importance of Specifying a Proper Beverage CHASE System

Placeholder imageColombo Beverage Chase Systems is often asked to investigate problems within existing beverage conduit systems. Typically, we find the system was haphazardly configured from materials that can be purchased from a local building supply store, such as PVC piping. What we find is that a proper beverage conduit system was not specified because the importance of the system wasn’t recognized. The contractor, faced with a time crunch, has to develop and install a system without the proper time to investigate the best solution... Read the entire case study

Letter From Coca-Cola

Placeholder image"I typically do not write letters that acknowledge the attributes of a specific product, however, your Beverage CHASE system is a major breakthrough that should be recognized within the industry. Proper planning for remote fountain dispensing is a key factor that can save thousands of dollars and reduce the anxieties for end users and owners of fountain systems..." Download the entire letter

Installing a Suitable Beverage Chase Saves Time and Money

Placeholder imageOn many construction projects the plans call for “beverage conduit” or “beverage chase.” It is not uncommon for contractors to pick a material that appears to meet the need while not really knowing the correct materials to install. Unknowingly, they will install a chase or conduit from point A to point B using inappropriate materials and that ultimately results in significant added cost... Download the entire article

Unique Leak-Proof Beverage Chase with Easy Assembly and Smooth Pull-Through for Fluid Lines

Placeholder imageColombo Sales and Engineering, Ferndale, MI, combines its own innovative design and assembly tools with 3M™ VHB™ Double-Coated Foam Tape for a cost-effective BeverageChase® System for arenas, restaurants, hotels, and other facilities. A “beverage chase” or conduit contains plastic beverage lines and sometimes copper coolant lines used in the delivery of beer, liquor, soda, and CO2 from remote bulk storage locations to the bar or service counter... Download the entire case study

Colombo Sales and Engineering and 3M Help Lions Fans Drown Their Sorrows

Placeholder imageAlthough the Detroit Lions did not perform as well as many hoped they would last year, dedicated fans still had plenty to cheer about. Other NFL teams should fear the day that the quality of the Detroit Lions' play matches the quality of their spectacular new home. Until that day arrives, many fans will choose to drown their sorrows at Ford Field... Download the entire article

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Colombo Beverage Chase Systems is an innovative supplier of Beverage CHASE® conduit systems. Our CHASE systems are designed to enclose distribution lines carrying food product such as beer, soda/juice, liquor, water, wine, other food product and frozen drinks, as well as coolant & CO2 for remote distribution systems.
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