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STOUTi.e.® Underground CHASE®

Placeholder imageSTOUTi.e. is the only patented leak-proof underground system on the market. It is available in three standard sizes, 4”, 6” and 8” diameters. Using fusion couplings, it creates an uninterrupted leak-proof CHASE from end to end. The material, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is proven to withstand abrasions and impacts, but is not susceptible to cracks or fissures like PVC and cast iron. STOUTi.e. is impervious to unsanitary ground water infiltration, and remains flexible as well as structurally sound during seismic events. Colombo’s patented underground system requires no special site preparation or trench bedding. Colombo STOUTi.e. is the answer for environmental and seismic concerns. Being both flexible and green, STOUTi.e. is the best product to use for underground CHASE.

STOUTi.e.® Underground CHASE® Features

The STOUTi.e. product line consists of everything you will need to create any configuration of CHASE in 4”, 6” and 8” diameter options, including:

  • Straight sections in 10’ and 20’ lengths
  • Large, sweeping radius 90-degree bends
  • Large, sweeping radius partial bends in 22.5, 30 and 45-degrees
  • Fusion join, used to connect all direct buried components of the CHASE system
  • Transition coupling, used to transition from underground direct burial to aboveground CHASE
  • End cap to ensure the end is sealed
About Colombo
Colombo Beverage Chase Systems is an innovative supplier of Beverage CHASE® conduit systems. Our CHASE systems are designed to enclose distribution lines carrying food product such as beer, soda/juice, liquor, water, wine, other food product and frozen drinks, as well as coolant & CO2 for remote distribution systems.
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