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Importance of Sprecifying a Proper Beverage CHASE® System

Colombo Beverage Chase Systems is often asked to investigate problems within existing beverage conduit systems. Typically, we find the system was haphazardly configured from materials that can be purchased from a local building supply store, such as PVC piping. What we find is that a proper beverage conduit system was not specified because the importance of the system wasn’t recognized. The contractor, faced with a time crunch, has to develop and install a system without the proper time to investigate the best solution.

The problem with PVC is that is breaks down over time. It is susceptible to cracks and fissures due to temperature changes and basic wear and tear on the system. It is not a matter of “if” a conduit system that is haphazardly put together will leak, it is “when.” The end result is very costly to the owner/operator.

Remote beverage and CO2 dispensing is easy to overlook in building projects however they are a major component of every food service venue from fast food to full service restaurants, stadiums, arenas, casinos and airport restaurants. These systems must co-exist with all other Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) components of the building. Colombo Beverage Chase systems are specifically designed to be easy to estimate, easy to order and easy to install.

Placeholder imageColombo often partners with companies such as Glacier Design Systems, Inc. who specialize in draft beer equipment and bar design. In the following quote, Glacier Design Systems, Inc. refers to a large restaurant chain that requested not to be named, “The conduit is PVC and it took about 5 years before it became flooded to the point where there was not only a taste problem, but also a problem maintaining product temperature because the trunk line insulation was saturated. The restaurant is a large chain. The conduit smelled like a sewer, the kitchen staff complained profusely about the stench when the trunk line was pulled out of the conduit. When we laid the old trunk line in the parking lot to get it ready for the trash, the neighbors even complained.”

Placeholder imageThe problems outlined by Glacier Design Systems, Inc. are the result of flooded underground conduit. The beverage lines are permeated and the product is spoiled. This is a common problem in the beverage industry. It is not only unsanitary, it effects product taste and may be considered a health hazard by the county health department.

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